Las Vegas Zumba Studio Home Page

The Z Spot is Las Vegas’ leading fitness boutique studio dedicated to Zumba® Fitness, for all ages and all levels of expertise. The studio is 4,000sqft of wood dance floor, a state of the art nightclub sound system, and licensed instructors with a passion for dance.

If you love to dance, know the importance of cardio in staying fit but hate the word “exercise”, Zumba® Fitness was meant for you! Music from around the world, including Latin favorites, salsa, reggaeton, merengue, to hip-hop, house music… And since Zumba® classes have the feel of a party, The Z’s sound system (that actually came from a local Vegas Club) rocks the house!

Zumba® Fitness classes are offered Monday thru Saturday at the studio, along with Yoga-Pilates Tone, Cardio Kickboxing, Belly Dancing, TurboKick, MixxedFit, 

If you fall under the category of being intrigued by Zumba® Fitness but are a little unsure, try a Beginning Zumba® class and learn the basics, it doesn’t take long to find that moving to the beat is beneficial to your health while being fun. Baila, vive, goza, con Zumba!

Kidsr Break Dancing and Intrnational Dance classes continue to grow as the children love it and the same holds true for all ages that if your active, staying fit becomes second nature!