As of Oct 29, 2016 regularly scheduled fitness classes have discontinued. Please join us for final dance event, ALL THE WAY LIVE, dance fitness party on Fri. Nov. 4th, 7-9p with renowned DONNA BLACK, QUANDE, NANAVE, & JOY! Two solid hours of rockin’ hard party fun! Go to Schedule for ticket purchase, $10 prepay or $15 at the door. We thank each of you for these past 5 years, dancing, sweating, laughing, creating very fond memories along with muscle, at The Z Spot!

The Z Spot Las Vegas is the leading fitness boutique in the southwest valley dedicated to providing an elite fitness experience. The studio is 4,000sqft of wood dance floor, a state of the art “club like” sound system, and certified instructors with a passion for dance and fitness.

We take your love of dance and turn it into the ultimate dance party! Feel the latin beat with Zumba Fitness®, break it down in MixxedFit®, or CIZE LIVE® it up in Beachbody’s newest hip- hop sensation in fitness.

Dance is the ultimate expression of release. Let go and sweat those pounds away as you dance to the beat of the music. You will want to try one of our mat classes: Sex-Z RippedPower Yoga or PiYo® for flexibility, toning, plus the added benefit of stress relief.

The challenge of dance and technique can be found in our specialized classes, Belly Dance and Hot Hula. Learn from the best and if you’re interested in becoming part of the performance groups. Register for one of our workshops.

Throw in some Turbokick LIVE® or Extreme Cardio Kickboxing, both are a perfect compliment for a well rounded workout for your body.

Be your best, it’s about knowing that you are WORTH IT! HIT THE Z SPOT for dynamite fitness classes!

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